If life started with blue (an origin story)

It began with a microscopic droplet of water

secluded from the rest of the ocean.

Cyanide and water creates us, as shapes on the paper surface.


As the ocean echoing on the land, I am made of membrane that can be crossed. I am molecules that speak the same language across species.

Chemical translations are chimeric, they don't belong,

Life is richer int he liminal:

on the shore where skylandsea come together life explodes

in all shapes and forms and relations

it can imagine.

Membranes are the liminal origin of life separating

inside and outside,

primordial identities:

I am what the ocean is not, yet I am the ocean.

(My body still knows when I am in salt water. Still knows

when my tears and sweat could find themselves in the without

The ocean and I are same, we have different currents.)

Our bones are made of calcium from water.

Our blood contains the iron of rocks and magnets.

Go lay down on the ground, they deserve to feel home.

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