A gold-feathered bird
Sings in the palm, without human meaning,
Without human feeling, a foreign song.

You know then that it is not the reason
That makes us happy or unhappy.

The bird sings. Its feathers shine.

W. Wallace - 'On Mere Being'

‘Its feathers shine’ is a photographic project digging in to the complex relation we have with a particular category of feathered animals: poultry.

Although animals mainly bred for food, but also judged in aesthetic competitions, these birds perfectly symbolised the articulated and often contradictory relation between the Human and the Animal.

I used my camera to depict this complex relation, photographing in different realities around UK, as poultry farms and poultry shows, and using different strategies to create a project that narrates the bond between humans and birds, between Us and the Other.

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